what are crypto bounties

Crypto Bounties are jobs, tasks, or projects that you have to complete in order to get paid. They are created to promote & advertise an ICO or blockchain project. If you complete the job, you are rewarded in the form of a token bounty.

The tasks are not complicated and rarely involve any sort of coding. The work that needs to be done helps the project in marketing, brand recognition, workload, exposure and improve the quality of the project.

Signature Campaign

Wear a signature on a Bitcointalk.org forum. Depending on your ranking you will get more or fewer stakes. You usually have to be at least Jr. Member to participate.

Blog post or Video Campaign

This is the best option for media users. The number of stakes you get does not only depend on the quality, they also depend on the number of views you get on your content.

Translation Campaign

This is a good opportunity for native language speakers. The job involves translating three types of subjects:

Website Translation, normally the simplest one

The Bitcointalk ANN Thread translation and moderation of the Telegram or Slack group in you language

Translating the white paper, this translation is the one that gives you the most stakes but they might be challenging.

Twitter and Facebook Campaign

If you have a considerable amount of followers on social media then this could result very lucrative for you.

Pay per post campaign

Get paid for posting on Bitcointalk. Often you need to be part of a slack group to join this sort of campaign.

Find error in the code

If you are a coder, you can earn bounties by debugging or finding errors in the code of the projects.