Here you will find answers to the most common Airdrop-related questions. We have tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible, but if you have any further questions that we didn’t cover here, feel free to contact us via email at support@cryptodropz.com .We will always do our best to answer any questions you have!

Yes,The social significance of the CRYPTODROPZ  project is that
each participant in the crypto currency world can save his time and
receive maximum income for his work or contribution made to the
development of any projects that relate to the crypto currency. In
addition, this way they positively affect the entire assessment of the
crypto industry.

IF You registred with your Friend Referral Link, You & Your Friend Both Rewarding 

The most common reason for Airdrop Campaign is to get good investment in ICO. Airdrop is currently the most popular medium on social media to get users, and to create awareness about Crypto Projects. Successful Airdrop has a good impact on ICO (initial coin offering).

Signature Campaign

Wear a signature on a Bitcointalk.org forum. Depending on your ranking you will get more or fewer stakes. You usually have to be at least Jr. Member to participate.

Blog post or Video Campaign

This is the best option for media users. The number of stakes you get does not only depend on the quality, they also depend on the number of views you get on your content.

Translation Campaign

This is a good opportunity for native language speakers. The job involves translating three types of subjects:

Website Translation, normally the simplest one

The Bitcointalk ANN Thread translation and moderation of the Telegram or Slack group in you language

Translating the white paper, this translation is the one that gives you the most stakes but they might be challenging.

Twitter and Facebook Campaign

If you have a considerable amount of followers on social media then this could result very lucrative for you.

Pay per post campaign

Get paid for posting on Bitcointalk. Often you need to be part of a slack group to join this sort of campaign.

Find error in the code

If you are a coder, you can earn bounties by debugging or finding errors in the code of the projects.

You will be offered a variety of  join Airdrops. For example, you have to join Telegram, you have to follow Twitter, you have to follow Facebook, this kind of work is given. You have to do the work given to them and they will send your crypto coin to your account. Never share any of your private keys with anyone. If someone wants your private key to join Airdrop then you will be sure this is a Scam Airdrop. Remember never share your private key with anyone.

A cryptocurrency (or “crypto”) is a digital currency that can be used to buy goods and services, but uses an online ledger with strong cryptography to secure online transactions. Much of the interest in these unregulated currencies is to trade for profit, with speculators at times driving prices skyward.
Cryptocurrency is a form of payment that can be exchanged online for goods and services. Many companies have issued their own currencies, often called tokens, and these can be traded specifically for the good or service that the company provides. Think of them as you would arcade tokens or casino chips. You’ll need to exchange real currency for the cryptocurrency to access the good or service.

Cryptocurrencies work using a technology called blockchain. Blockchain is a decentralized technology spread across many computers that manages and records transactions. Part of the appeal of this technology is its security.

Regularly visit BountiesAlert.com for the latest news on Bounties. We verify all campaigns for your comfort.

All active bounty campaigns can be found on Bitcointalk forum. If you search in the right places for the right keywords you can find thousands of them.

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As a matter of fact, not all new companies give out free Cryptos. However, the point is that most companies do. Thus, it is our job to look out for new crypto companies that give out free tokens and coins and enlist, rate and review them for you to see.

Certainly, they do. These free tokens are usually marketing strategies from new crypto companies that sought to find adopters. That is nowhere means that those free tokens are devalued. In fact, they are just the same as the ones that are being bought.

Due to blockchain technology and decentralization, the crypto world is gradually revolving, as tons of outstanding Cryptocurrencies with amazing opportunities get launched now and then. Given the fact that Cryptocurrency has just begun, with its bright future ahead of us, who knows, perhaps someday a certain free coin today, might be worth hundreds of USD. Thus, getting any free token is worth the effort, as you stand a chance of making better use of it in the future. After all, you have nothing to lose by getting one.

There is no lucid distinction between these two, however with Airdrop, users have to carry out a once in a lifetime task and contribution, to get the free tokens. On the other hand, bounty users have to do a series of repeated work (every period), which often involve high-quality work, like in translating articles and more.

You can sell it on many exchange platforms, however, given that these tokens are from new companies, they might not be enlisted in major exchange platforms. Nevertheless, there are quite many other exchange platforms you can substitute for. When the coins are listed on an exchange, all you'll need to do is open an account and carry out the token exchange for Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC), as you'd choose.

Community building is most important for any startup, not only the ones in the blockchain industry. Proof of community is valuable to new projects.

By giving away tokens for small bounty jobs, the projects gets back traffic, exposure and brand awareness in return. All those points are extremely important for early companies. 

You are important to the business they are building! Convinced?

Have a look at our new crypto bounties.  

So now you have earned crypto, what do you do? Easy, log into your CryptoDropz dashboard account and trade your tokens straight from your Airdrop dashboard!

Many coins that do airdrops or bounties are PRE-ICO or just finished their ICO. This often means it is not traded yet on the bigger exchanges. You can check out our exchange page to see where you can best sell your crypto airdrops.

We suggest you make an account at all exchanges we listed so you can easily sell and receive your crypto bounties.

We hope you receive as many bounties as possible and that they increase in value over time. Many projects that are now top 40 coins have done giveaways in their early stages, . You don't need to immediately sell your earned crypto, there is nothing wrong with being a HODLER. We know we are!

Traditionally, you'll be asked to carry out little tasks like following a particular Telegram group or their Twitter account, only until the end of the airdrop. On receiving the coins, you can choose to leave the channels. Nevertheless, it is important you have an Ethereum wallet because often, these coins are usually known as ERC20 tokens, an Ethereum platform based cryptocurrency . To have accurate information of what is needed in each cryptocurrency, kindly take a look at the icons on the page of the Airdrop. There, you'll be briefed on every requirement, and if you're qualified to participate in the Airdrop.

An ETH Address, also known as an ERC20 address, is the receiving address of an Ethereum wallet. The address starts with “0x” and is followed by a series of 40 random characters. In MyEtherWallet, your receiving address is the “Account Address.” In MetaMask, your ETH address can be found by clicking the menu icon (•••) and clicking “Copy Address to clipboard.”

Ether wallet is a record of your Ethereum Wallet’s Private and Public keys which you need to access your wallet and make transactions. Its similar to you bank account in layman terms, public key as account number and private key as password to access your account. MyEtherWallet is an open-source JavaScript application that is commonly used for physical storage purposes. To create a wallet follow the instruction at this link


To do anything on the Ethereum platform, you need to pay for it, and the payment (or fee) is calculated in Ether (ETH) via an intermediary benchmark called gas limit and gas price. This equation is used for calculating ETH (or Transaction fees): Ether = Tx Fees = Gas Limit xGas Price NOTE: Never disclose or loose the Private Key to anyone. Always keep it under safe custody. Take a backup and also you can take a print out of it to make a backup hard copy.


Most airdrops are distributed after the completion of the ICO. This prevents the bounty collectors from creating premature price action before the ICO has finished. Sometimes, bounties are distributed weeks or months after an ICO, so if you have a question about a specific coin you should try contacting one of the Admins in their Telegram group. Admins can be found by looking at the group members and finding the ones with the “admin” badge next to their names.


To view your token balances quickly, simply type your ETH address into Ethplorer or Etherscan. All of your available custom tokens will be shown under “Token Balances.”

There are a few reasons why the airdrop form might say that you have already registered. Please see the list of reasons below. Unfortunately, we cannot add new users to airdrops manually, so please do not ask us to do so.

Reason #1: The form has already been submitted from your IP address.
Reason #2: We detected the same browser cookies from a previous registration.
Reason #3: One or more of your details have already been used in a previous submission.

There are many reasons why you may not have received your airdrop. Perhaps you did not complete all of the steps, entered invalid information or forgot to submit the form with your details. You may have also left the Telegram group, deleted your social media shares, or changed your usernames. All of these will cause you to forfeit your airdrop rewards. To be sure that you always receive your airdrops, follow our Step-By-Step guides very closely and always be sure not to delete your social media posts and stay in the Telegram groups until the token distribution has ended. Other common reasons for missing an airdrop payout: you tried to claim multiple times; you did not have enough Twitter/Facebook friends; you never sent a message in the Telegram group; your Twitter/Facebook is private (only public posts will be credited).

A hard fork is when a cryptocurrency splits into two separate currencies. The first hard fork was Bitcoin Cash which was split from Bitcoin at block #478,558 on August 1st, 2017. Bitcoin forks and the forking of other chains became popular since then. We list hard forks for mostly informative purposes, but also because we see them as dividends and similar to an airdrop. We are not able to verify the safety or legitimacy of hard forks, so always be cautious and make sure to claim forks with the private key of an empty wallet.

You can easily set a Telegram @username by going to your Settings -> Username and typing an available name. This will be a common identifier in airdrop and bounty campaigns, so make sure you set one! Your username is NOT your display name!

Click on the timestamp under “Your Name shared a post.” This will take you to a Facebook page dedicated to your shared post. Copy the URL in the address bar.

In order to copy the link to get credit for a shared Twitter post, you must add a comment and not simply retweet the post. This is done by clicking the retweet icon, and then typing a comment in the “Add a comment…” box. Once you are done, click Retweet and go to your profile. Find the tweet and click on the upside-down carrot (^) for the menu options. Click on “Copy link to Tweet.” Notice that this link will take you to a page dedicated to your specific retweet, and not the original tweet that you are reposting. If you simply retweet a post without a comment and click “Copy link to Tweet,” it will link back to the original, and you will not receive credit for your share.

Note: you will NOT be credited for retweets if your account is private. Your posts must be public. 

Go to Bitcointalk.org and click on the Profile tab. Click on Account Related Settings on the left side menu. Copy the URL in the address bar, excluding the part at the end “;sa=account.” This is your profile link.


In order to copy the link of one of your Bitcointalk comments, click on your Profile, scroll down and choose “Show the last posts of this person.” Find the comment you are looking for and click on the part of the title that looks like: “Re: Thread Title.” Copy the URL shown at the top. There should be an identifier of your specific message in the URL which looks like “#msg95746481.”

Each airdrop has its requirements. However, most of them are similar. These are the most common requirements that will allow you to participate in most of the crypto airdrops:

1. An email account
2. Social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, Bitcointalk Forum and Telegram
3. An Ethereum wallet that supports the ERC20 Token Standard (no exchange wallet).
4. A NEO wallet

If you are new to crypto we suggest you create your ETH wallet on MyEtherWallet and your NEO wallet on the NEO Website. Be sure to read and save all information provided to you!

We suggest to make and use only "secondary" accounts for all of them to avoid spam on your personal accounts.

First of all, we verify the airdrop is legit. After this, we consider the amount of time, effort and tools needed to participate, the reward, the potential of the coin/token, and more.

First of all, we verify the airdrop is legit. After this, we consider the amount of time, effort and tools needed to participate, the reward, the potential of the coin/token, and more.

It is not too complicated not to get scammed. The number one rule is: never, ever, provide your private key for anyone, no matter what is the reason.

You should also be careful entering wrong sites which pretend to be what they are not. These will try to make you enter your private key as well and then steal it.

We do not recommend to install non-trusted apps. We advise on this site only safe airdrops; we make the maximum effort to help everyone to join just legit and safe airdrops.

Crypto bounties are jobs, tasks, or projects that you have to complete in order to get paid. They are created to promote & advertise an ICO or blockchain project. If you complete the job, you are rewarded in the form of a token bounty.

The tasks are not complicated and rarely involve any sort of coding. The work that needs to be done helps the project in marketing, brand recognition, workload, exposure and improve the quality of the project.