New Meryt Protocol $MRT AIRDROP

New Meryt Protocol $MRT AIRDROP

Estimated Value: 5$

Reward: 1500 Points = 5$

Ref: 50 Points

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Distribution Date: 15-Jan-2022

     New Meryt Protocol $MRT AIRDROP
Reward:  Collect 1500 Points = 5$   /Ref:  50 Points  EARN MORE 
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you can earn points through given social tasks eventually..
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Meryt Protocol
Contributors Dashboard

Get in early and be involved with the hottest protocol in the DeFi arena! 🔥🔥🔥


This is your Contributor Dashboard where you will find fun and rewarding tasks that will help us spread the word about Meryt. Each task, if done correctly and verified, will grant you points. By accumulating points over the course of the competition, you can climb the ranks of our leader board and win incredible prizes! 💰


Some tasks can only be completed once, but don’t despair! You can earn points every single time you refer a friend. We’ve also made some daily tasks, and each week we will be adding new ways to earn points! So, keep checking back to keep earning points!


Cheaters will be disqualified. If you have any questions, please contact, but please remember that every action that earns you points must be manually verified by someone on Team Meryt, so please give us a week or two before submitting any follow-up.


The competition will end on 15/01/2022. The leaderboard will be finalized and we will contact the prize-winners shortly afterwards. We plan to release more info on $MRT in the near future. Stay tuned!

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