Firstly, let me explain you that what is crytpocurrency?;
A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.

It´s easy to confuse the two (airdrops & bounty) of them, both of them are methods of earning cryptocurrency rewards. Let me explain you in a detail:


Airdrop is when a startup gives away tokens or coins to generate a fast distribution of their project as well as to raise awareness. Usually but not always startups will look for people who already own a certain amount of coins of a particular cryptocurrency to reward them. The reason being is because they are interested in getting right into their communities, not just individuals. If a coin or token is embraced by a community, there is a greater chance of appreciation and growth

There are several websites you can earn airdrops, and most of the times all you have to do to get your tokens is give away your email and/or sign up to the projects social media, share, like (that sort of thing), and as soon as you are finished with the requirements you will automatically receive your promised tokens


Bounties are projects, jobs, and tasks offered by developers of a token, a coin and or a blockchain. They present a list of all these bounties needed to implement their projects, along with the reward amount they desire to pay for each task. Tasks may include new graphics, translations, marketing and promoting the project, writing content, most of which do not require programming skills. But there are Bug Bounties which is a deal offered by many websites, organizations and software developers by which individuals can identify the bug, get it done and offer to the developers, if they like it, and are able to verify legitimacy you receive the promised reward.

Airdrops vs Bounties – The Ultimate Comparison
For all their differences, everyone can participate in airdrops as well as some forms of bounties, such as social media and forum bounties. Any crypto enthusiast can be a forum contributor, and if you’re passionate about digital assets, your input will be appreciated. That brings us to another important point; you get to earn more from airdrops and bounties as you go along.

However, having in mind some bounties require a specific skill set that you might not have the talent for or the extra time to learn it, you should stick to your strong points. Next, the main difference between airdrops and bounties is that you can participate in an airdrop once, while bounty campaigns are ongoing. Finally, airdrop and bounty activities are an excellent way to get paid while learning about cryptocurrency but, follow the guidelines accurately to make your effort worthwhile.